Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing Location-Based Advertising

Target 100 to 1 million individual locations. Pinpoint target audiences based on precise areas. No matter what industry you are in, our geofencing solution will augment your advertising.

Your Trusted Geofencing Marketing Professionals

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing offers a unique and innovative solution to advertisers. We provide them with geofencing as well as addressable or household geofencing technologies that could give them a distinct edge over their competitors in the industry.

Take Advantage of Geofencing Marketing

Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing


You can roll out a customer loyalty marketing campaign by geofencing various buildings, nearby traffic, or yourself.

Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing

Tradeshows and Events

Geofencing is beneficial if you want to target stadiums, trade shows, convention centers, and sporting events.

Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing


Our addressable geofencing technology allows you to target various individuals. You can cover a wide range of households—from a thousand to a million addresses.

Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing


You can serve ads to your competitor’s customers by targeting their specific location.

How the Technology Works

Geofencing marketing is perfect for advertisers who want to target event attendees. This technology enables them to gain a wider reach for their ad spend than targeting an entire city or zip code. Here is how our innovative solution works:

  • You choose an event location where you want to target customers based on their visiting patterns during a particular timeframe. We then trace a virtual geofence around that area.
  • People who enter the geofenced location during the scheduled period will be part of a pool that can later be targeted after the event.
  • When the targeted individual uses apps or browses the Internet on their mobile phones, they will receive your ads.
  • The user can see the ad up to 30 days after entering the geofence.
  • We can target individuals who visited the location in the past two years through a technology called geoframing.
Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing
Value Added Branding Geofencing Marketing

The Benefits of Geofencing Marketing

Uncomplicated Setup

With our solution, you don’t need physical beacons or other equipment. The only requirement is that your target individuals must have their mobile device’s location services turned on. Fortunately, about 90% of people usually have this setting already enabled.

Precise Targeting

Geofence marketing allows you to have granular localization for your ads. To achieve that, we customize the geofence to the shape and size of your location. This enables you to target your intended customers as well as retarget those who are just visiting or commuting through the area.

Better Ad Reach

Our technology enables you to market across 600,000 mobile applications. Your target customers can then see the ads for up to a month. For better control and analysis, you can even import and export the location files.

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